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Usage Method and Common Problems of CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN abrasive is a new abrasive developed in modern times. Because of its high hardness and micro-crushing structure, it can achieve good efficiency for grinding high hardness steel. However, CBN grinding wheel should pay attention to several problems in use. Problems arising from thermal expansion of grinding wheel. Most CBN grinding wheel inner discs are… Read More »

The Particularity of CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN grinding wheel is a synthetic superhard material grinding wheel, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality. At present, domestic grinding enterprises attach great importance to CBN grinding wheel, but some enterprise personnel do not understand CBN grinding wheel, so think that CBN grinding wheel can be installed directly on the grinding machine… Read More »

The important points of the work of the diamond wheel

Modern basic industries, aviation, aerospace, electronics manufacturing industry, the mechanical engineering technology has put forward new requirements, prompting the birth of a variety of superhard tool manufacturing technology, I produced the grinding machine taps diamond wheel can be used KAPP, Lacehair RZ400 worm gear grinding machine, then today we have to look at the grinding… Read More »