Quanzhou zhongzhi diamond tools co.,ltd

ZHONGZHI ENTERPRISES was founded in 1989, consisting of Quanzhou Zhongzhi Diamond Tool Co. Ltd. & Quanzhou Zhijie Stone Products Industrial & Commercial Co., Ltd., A company of making manufacturing,producing, processing, transportation & export into a coordinate process. Sixteen-year-development establishes ZHONGZHI’s important position both in diamond tools and stone products industry. We own strong technical force,… Read More »

The important points of the work of the diamond wheel

Modern basic industries, aviation, aerospace, electronics manufacturing industry, the mechanical engineering technology has put forward new requirements, prompting the birth of a variety of superhard tool manufacturing technology, I produced the grinding machine taps diamond wheel can be used KAPP, Lacehair RZ400 worm gear grinding machine, then today we have to look at the grinding… Read More »

Does the color of grinding wheel affect grinding?

When you choose the grinding wheel, do you judge it by “colour” at first sight?White is white corundum, black green is silicon carbide… This color is not wrong, because it is the color of the abrasive itself.But there are orange, dark yellow and even pink grinding wheels on the market. What are those grinding wheels?

Basic knowledge of superhard materials

Up to now, there is no generally accepted satisfactory explanation for the meaning of superhard materials. In 1981, the International Conference on Hard Material Science held that all materials with hardness greater than 1000HV could be called hard materials, which naturally included diamond and cubic boron carbide. Later, this definition was supplemented, and it was… Read More »