There are three trends in the development of abrasive tools industry in China

By | 19/08/2019

With the continuous development of the market and technology, the traditional grinding enterprises are upgrading, the new industry has risen one after another, and the integration of the three industries around abrasive tools has become more and more in-depth. However, in the process of expanding the influence and popularity of abrasive industry in China, it is still necessary for abrasive enterprises to adhere to quality, brand building and continuous innovation. On the one hand, China’s abrasive industry will be well known, on the other hand, China’s abrasive industry will become bigger and stronger.


Recently, the 5th China (Zhengzhou) Abrasive Grinding Exhibition closed in Zhengzhou, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters. More than 500 abrasive enterprises at home and abroad participated in the exhibition. The scale and variety of the exhibition fully showed the impending emergence of abrasive industry, and also showed the new trend of the development of abrasive industry in China.

Trend I
High-quality products are sought after
China’s abrasive abrasive industry started from scratch, after more than half a century of development, has formed a considerable scale and a complete range of industrial systems, product applications are extremely wide, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronic 3C, automobile manufacturing and other high-end equipment manufacturing are inseparable from abrasive abrasive grinding. In this third abrasive exhibition, a number of high-quality abrasive products with special features are highly sought after.


Trend II
A good product needs a good brand.
Good products also need good brand, strong abrasive brand is the only way for the industry from big to strong. Many enterprises carefully prepared brand interaction area for brand promotion activities. At present, elephant abrasive innovative tool brand “Schmidt”, Zhengzhou Huajing’s cultivation of diamond luxury brand “Polin Kelin”, Sifangda’s diamond drilling into high-end new products “PX Series”, Junrui’s “Shikailin Diamond” and a number of distinctive abrasive abrasive brand has become famous in China. China has fostered a number of large-scale abrasive Abrasives groups. Enterprises are developing in clusters. Driven by leading enterprises, the market influence of China’s abrasive Abrasives brand is increasing.


Trend 3
Technological Innovation in Product Upgrading

There are still some problems to be solved urgently. Standardization is the weakness of the whole abrasive industry in China. Many experts in the industry said that standardization can solve a series of problems of abrasive tools from raw materials selection, production, processing to sales. To develop abrasive tools in China, it must be an industrial model based on Standardization in the future.

With the development of market and science and technology, the traditional abrasive tools are upgrading, and the integration of the three industries of abrasive tools industry is more and more in-depth. New products such as diamonds, new diamond lenses, foam diamonds, stacking abrasives and high strength phenolic resins are gaining momentum. In addition, the abrasive industry is also developing frontier from a single product processing to the whole industry chain, automation, intelligence and other directions, cultivating small towns with diamond characteristics, abrasive industry park, new material industry park everywhere.

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