The important points of the work of the diamond wheel

By | 16/07/2019

Modern basic industries, aviation, aerospace, electronics manufacturing industry, the mechanical engineering technology has put forward new requirements, prompting the birth of a variety of superhard tool manufacturing technology, I produced the grinding machine taps diamond wheel can be used KAPP, Lacehair RZ400 worm gear grinding machine, then today we have to look at the grinding machine-specific taps diamond forming wheel at work, pay attention to points.

After our diamond dressing tool technical staff of the summary, about the needs of attention to the following points:

1. Do not give a strong impact roller.

2. The radial runout of the rear roller shaft step can not exceed 4um.

3. Do not press ON or OFF button on the wheel and roller contact, we can only start or stop when the wheel is separated.

4. Dressing and grinding wheel contact with a lot of coolant injection.

5. drive the installation of the local attention can not turn into stolen goods.

6. Diamond dressing roller with the core shaft with the gap should be as small as possible, we recommend is not greater than 0.004mm, so as to avoid vibration.

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