How to Choose Grinding Quantity for Diamond and CBN Wheels

By | 05/07/2019

The grinding speed of superhard abrasive grinding wheel should be selected according to the specific conditions of grinding wheel type, grinding mode and cooling.

CBN grinding wheel

CBN grinding wheel

Increasing the working speed of grinding wheel can significantly improve grinding efficiency and grinding ratio (for example, grinding speed of grinding wheel can be increased by 40%, grinding ratio can be doubled) and reduce grinding cost.
。 The grinding speed of metal and resin bonded diamond grinding wheels is usually 35-60 m/s (Editor-in-Chief tells you: this is the most commonly used). The grinding speed of ceramic bonded CBN grinding wheels can be increased to 45-160 m/s (this is suitable for high and large), and the grinding speed of single-layer CBN grinding wheels can be 125-250 m/s. The linear speed of 80-125 m/s has become the mainstream of CBN wheel grinding in the world. Grinding depth is generally 0.002-0.010mm (that is, it can be enlarged properly), workpiece speed is usually 10-30m/min, and longitudinal feed speed is 0.3-1.5m/min. When rough grinding, take a large value, while when fine grinding, take a small value.

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