Fall 2019 National Abrasive Industry Information Exchange Conference China Abrasive Industry International Technology Forum held in Zhengzhou

By | 16/08/2019

Seeking Innovation in the Reform of Allergy-Autumn 2019 National Abrasive Abrasive Industry Information Exchange Conference and the Second China Abrasive Abrasive Industry International Technical Forum held in Zhengzhou.

August 12, sponsored by the Abrasive Abrasive Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, co-sponsored by China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.,and co-sponsored by Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd., Ningxia and Xing Carbon-based Materials Co., Ltd., the autumn of 2019 national abrasive abrasive industry information exchange and the second China Abrasive Abrasive Bank Industry International Technology Forum was solemnly held in Yiquan International Hotel, Zhengzhou. The conference invited the elite of abrasive industry technology leaders, University experts, scholars and industry experts from home and abroad to gather in Zhengzhou, focusing on the new ecology of abrasive industry, analyzing the development status of abrasive industry technology from the perspective of internationalization, deeply interpreting the abrasive industry policy, and accurately grasping the key technology development. Direction of development. Six professional reports were organized and more than 300 delegates from all walks of life participated in the full-day meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Peng, Secretary-General of Abrasive Branch.


Firstly, Wang Jiajun, Director of the Horse Circle College in China, Fiat Tool Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Auguste Lugbe Limited Liability Liaison Co., Ltd. of Germany), gave a report on “Horse Circle Innovative Design and Application of Traditional Consolidation Abrasives to Different Materials”. According to the situation of Horse Circle Company, the report shares the leading edge products such as triangular abrasives, green and environmentally friendly consolidation abrasives for processing aluminium alloy.

Subsequently, Mr. Abhijit SK, Assistant President/Director of Global Sales of Komei Electric Melting Materials Division, introduced the future industrial development trend and global market prospects of abrasives with the theme of “abrasives used in the new generation of abrasives”. Emphasis was placed on Komei’s ceramics used in consolidated precision grinding (heavy load grinding improves efficiency obviously). Porcelain alumina abrasives, Semi-brittle corundum abrasives with various surface treatments and newly developed zirconium corundum abrasives (AZ-40).


Then, Chen Peng, Secretary-General of Abrasive Abrasive Branch, made a report on “Economic Operation Analysis of Abrasive Abrasive Industry in the First Half of 2019” to the General Assembly. In the first half of 2019, the industry developed in an orderly way around high-quality development. In the first half of the year, the main characteristics of the industry’s economic operation are as follows: 1. Abrasive products increased in price, abrasive products decreased in price steadily; 2. Import and export trade was basically stable; 3. The speed of upgrading environmental protection equipment was accelerated; 4. Steady progress of innovation and development, and product structure. The speed of adjustment is accelerated. For the development of the industry in the second half of the year, the report suggests that the first is to continue to promote the development of green environmental protection in the industry, environmental protection work should not only be reflected in the production of products, but also take into account the user use link; the second is to promote fine management to ensure product quality stability.

Wang Peiming, Vice President of Saint-Gobain Ceramics Asia Region, has brought a report on the road of abrasive transformation and upgrading. Through the development history of abrasives, the requirements for abrasive properties, analysis of different abrasive properties, Abrasive Market trends, abrasive abrasive industry chain bottles in key development fields such as new generation information technology, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment, advanced rail transit equipment, new energy vehicles and so on are reported. The way to upgrade the abrasive industry was described to the participants in many aspects, such as neck, industry outlook, etc. Meanwhile, the products of high-end single crystal corundum MA88K, new coated zirconium corundum AZ40 and ceramic abrasive HTB were shared.


Li Zhengxin, the Standing Vice-Chairman of the Seventh Committee of Experts of the Abrasive Abrasives Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association and Vice-Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Henan University of Technology, made a “Survey Report on the Development of High-end Abrasive Products in 2035”. President Li studied the background, significance, objectives and domestic grinding of the subject. The current situation of abrasive industry, the definition and concept of high-end abrasive products, the significance of developing high-end abrasive products, the development status of domestic high-end abrasive products, development goals, measures and suggestions to shorten the gap with foreign advanced technology, and other dimensions are described in detail.


The whole forum is brilliant, and the popularity of the venue is always bursting. The development trend of industrial technology and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises are hot topics in the industry in the past two years. The successful holding of this forum will promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the industry.
In the evening, the conference solemnly held the award ceremony for the top 20 enterprises and outstanding enterprises in the abrasive abrasive industry in 2018, in order to commend the enterprises with high quality development of the abrasive industry and leading the transformation and upgrading of the abrasive enterprises.


List of Best Enterprises (Top 20) in Abrasive Abrasive Industry in 2018
(Sort by Pinyin)
1. White Pigeon Abrasives Co., Ltd.
2. Chongqing Saite Corundum Co., Ltd.
3. Guizhou Dazhong No. 7 Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.
4. Guizhou Sanshan Grinding Co., Ltd.
5. Henan Jielida Super Hard Products Co., Ltd.
6. Machinery Industry Sixth Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.
7. Jiangxi Guanyi Grinding Co., Ltd.
8. PRC(Xiamen) Precise Tools Co.,Ltd.
9. Ningxia Hexing Carbon-based Materials Co., Ltd.
10. Pinglu Jingang New Refractories Co., Ltd.
11. Shandong Luxin High-tech Industry Co., Ltd.
12. Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd.
13. Xixia Zhenghong Single Crystal Corundum Co., Ltd.
14. Yangzhou Oriental Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.
15. Zhengzhou Hongji Grinding Technology Co., Ltd.
16. Zhengzhou Yongtai Abrasive Abrasives Co., Ltd.
17. Zhengzhou Yufa Abrasive Group Co., Ltd.
18. China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.
19. Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd.
20. Zibo Zichuan Jinlong Abrasive Grinding Co., Ltd.

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