Does the color of grinding wheel affect grinding?

By | 10/07/2019

When you choose the grinding wheel, do you judge it by “colour” at first sight?White is white corundum, black green is silicon carbide… This color is not wrong, because it is the color of the abrasive itself.But there are orange, dark yellow and even pink grinding wheels on the market. What are those grinding wheels?

different colour of grinding wheel

different colour of grinding wheel


Why are there so many colours?

1. The colour of the abrasive itself

The colour of the abrasive itself

The colour of the abrasive itself

2. bonded color
For example, elastic grinding wheels with low abrasive ratio, even if they are GC abrasives, the grinding wheels themselves do not show green, but rather show the color of binder with a larger proportion.

3. Colour of dyes
Grinding wheel mills are specially dyed to distinguish models or other uses. Adding dyestuff in the drying process to make the grinding wheel present the desired color

Does the color affect the grinding effect?

1. Abrasive color:
The types of abrasives naturally have a direct impact on grinding. Abrasives with high strength are easy to cut. Alumina abrasives are more suitable for grinding ferrous metals.There are also a variety of mixed abrasive grinding wheels on the market, but the appearance is not necessarily a single abrasive characteristics or color.

2. The color of the binder:
Binders include ceramics, resins, rubber and so on. These binders also have different characteristics.

3. The influence of dyes on grinding:
Dyeing just to differentiate models has no effect on grinding.


In fact, it is a simple way to use the color of grinding wheel to judge the type of abrasive, but it is also a very error-prone way, because the color of grinding wheel on the market, not only presents the color of abrasive, but also the color of binder or dye, and even the density of air holes will affect the visual effect.

When the formula is adjusted, the color may change or remain the same. What’s more, color is subjective and easy to be influenced by external factors.

Therefore, if you want to judge the suitability of your grinding wheel, it depends on the five factors on the check ticket: abrasive, particle size, bonding degree, organization, bonding agent, which is the key factor that really affects the grinding effect.

As for why the formula is the same, but the color of the grinding wheel is a little different? There’s no need to worry too much. Maybe it’s just a little less dye.


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